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The Adventure of Harley Quinn Part I


This movie will be released on two sites on this and REALDARKDREAMS

The long-awaited New Year’s Eve is finally upon us, but for Harley Quinn it comes as an unexpechttps://realdarkdreams.com/clips/all/the-adventure-of-harley-quinn-part-ii/ted surprise. As soon as the clock struck midnight, in her cozy underground appears Santa Claus, dressed not in the usual red suit, but in something more mysterious and a blue suit.

But instead of presents and happy greetings, Santa accuses Harley of bad behavior over the past year. He admits that he’s been watching her and is disappointed by her antics, bad behavior, and carelessness. Deciding that Harley deserves to be punished, he also finds a gift for her, or rather punishment, in the bag. From which she was shocked. Not expecting to see such a Santa Claus, who tied her up and punished her.

Part II on the website REALDARKDREAMS.COM


You will get 20:22 min 1080HD 60FPS video.

Click “BUY NOW” and select the credit card option to buy for only 19.99$

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